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Progestogens and Minerals

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As we mentioned in previous articles during the last stage of the menstrual cycle normally a layer of endometriosis lining in the inside of the uterus is expelled, known as menstruation blood but instead some of the endometriosis tissues growing somewhere in the body causing endometriosis. Endometriosis also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. Intake of progestogen like medicine may cause unbalancing of some types of minerals. In this article, we will discuss the relationship of progestogen and minerals.

1. Magnesium
Magnesium is essential mineral for women taking the progesterone-like pill or injection, because it not only helps to increase the absorption of calcium and prevent bone density loss, but also reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by side effect of progesterone like medicine.

2. Calcium
Progesterone like pill or injection increased the risk of the depletion of calcium depositing in the bone as resulting of low level of estrogen caused by extra progesterone in the body. Deficiency of calcium may also cause deficiency of magnesium, since the ratio of magnesium and calcium must be maintained for better absorption.

3. Potassium
progesterone like medicine increases in lean body mass that may be responsible for urinary losses of potassium, disrupting the potassium and sodium ratio resulting in malfunction of the transmission of electrochemical impulses causing stress.

4. Iron
Since there are no longer heavy bleeding as effects of taking progesterone like pill or injection, there are no more iron loss during menstruation. intake of any iron supplements must be stopped because excessive iron in the body is toxic.

5. Copper and selenium
Study in India shows that women taking the progesterone like medicine saw unchanged of copper and selenium levels in their body, therefore intake of any copper and selenium supplements might be stopped to prevent damaging to the liver.

6. Zinc
Zinc is an antioxidant besides helping our body to stop the forming of free radical, it also contributes to cell reduplication and protects out liver from chemical damage. Intake of progesterone like medicine causes zinc deficiency resulting in mood change and depression.

Since endometriosis is treatable and manageable by natural remedies and self help course, if you have endometroisis, please look at the bright side.

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